Art Over Chips

    Discover the playfulness, joy, and mindfulness

     that can be found in creating.

  • Art is coming face to face with yourself

    -Jackson Pollock

    Hello my friends! Let’s talk about meditative art.

    My meditative art practice gives me inspiration to live an artful life.

    It is a mindset, philosophy and action that I practice in bringing into my everyday life.

    Meditative Art.....

    • Is about being curious and the subset of curiosity, playfulness and experimentation. It is about seeing what happens, asking questions, wondering, trying, and joyfully making something that wasn’t there before.

    • Is a conversation with your intuition. It is about creating a dialogue with yourself and listening to what you are feeling, thinking and seeing. It is about letting your deep and internal wisdom guide you.

    • It is intentional, meaningful and purposeful. It is about consuming what is good for you, making decisions about what you do with your time and energy.

    • It explores ways to slow down and be in the present moment. It is a chance to rise above the noise, habits, and speed of life and find a moment to breathe and enter flow.

    Practicing these daily in a meditative art practice allows them to show up in everyday life. You have to practice what you want to become. I want to live a more artful life and have my days filled with curiosity, intention and intuition. I want my life to be a work of art.


    Join me as we dive into intuitive ways to create that lead to

    stillness, slowing down and being in the present moment.


    Art Over Chips is replacing mindless habits and distractions, such as endless phone scrolling or chips with Netflix, with an art practice that embraces the moment. Find ways to develop a creative practice that you can lean on when the world gets too loud and overwhelming.







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