Snow. Snow. Snow



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Fear is a sneaky thing. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is in your face with a blow horn shouting “Here I am!”. But sometimes it is hidden in other thoughts. This week I had so many thoughts about how I don’t know what to work on because I am so confused. This confusion has led to paralysis and I haven’t worked on my goals.

No workouts because I thought I was confused, is this the best workout I could be doing?

No art projects because I was confused, is this what I should be doing?

What I have done? I sat and stared at my phone, checked my email, watched Reels and Toks till my brain was numb.

This morning when I sat with my confusion, and put the phone away, I realized I wasn’t confused but I was scared. I had thoughts of imposter syndrome, this is stupid, who do you think you are, and this will fail.

All those fearful thoughts left me feeling confused. Confusion is safe, if you are confused you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to workout, you don’t have to create and put yourself out there, and you don’t have to change.

My problem this week was I was ignoring the fear. Human tendency is often to run from unpleasant emotions. To live a more intentional life, you have to become ok sitting with unpleasant emotions.

Your creative practice can be your companion with your thoughts and emotions. .Dive into your creative practice and journal, paint, and dance with fear till you know it and it feels heard. Then take your goal and do it even though you are afraid.


What will the Snow inspire you to do?