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 Happy February! For my family February is jam packed with birthdays, all of ours in fact. I love my birthday and celebrating becoming me. I love the gift I am giving myself this year, Art Over Chips. 

As most of you know, I have abnormal blood vessels growing in my eye, Choroidal Neovascularization. In the beginning of the year my eyesight got worse. The injection I received to shrink the blood vessels was not working as well. So the growth was warping my eyesight more. Naturally I got scared, I cried, I mopped on the coach and my brain kept asking, why was this happening. Then I asked myself a better question, what can I do to take care of myself. My art practice was the answer.

Which is why I am officially launching Art Over Chips because art can heal. This is a place where I will be exploring different materials to bring about different mindfulness, experimentation and play. There will be suggestions on products and activities to explore. I will be sharing ways to grow an art practice. Experimenting with different self-care practices, cause if you are not taking care of your physical self or your thoughts it is hard for your creativity to thrive.

I would love for you to join along. Subscribe below.


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