Snow. Snow. Snow

Snow. Snow. Snow.

A year of a playful and meditative art practice.

The forecast calls for snow today. As my 2023 year of playful and meditative art practice begins, a snow focus this week seemed to make sense.

Living an artful life is connecting with the seasons and observing the world around us.

This winter I have made the decision not to complain about the weather, I know a shocker for a Minnesotan. Instead I am going to use the winter for inspiration. There is so much beauty to be found when I look up from my mindless devices and habits.

This week I am challenging myself to practice

Observing. Pausing and really looking at the world around. What does it look like to connect with an object through observation?

Creating. Using the inspiration found in a Snow to produce something that wasn’t there before . Connecting my head, heart with my hands.  

Sharing. Practicing sharing what I create. Putting myself out in the world to inspire and connect.

What will the Snow inspire you to do?

What will the Snow inspire you to do?